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Selenium Syllabus
Course Summary
Selenium is a popular open-source web-based automation tool. We provide basic tutorials and cover all concepts with working examples step-by-step through the fundamental. We will make you learn Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, JUnit, Maven, Java, Log4j, Apache POI, and Page Object Model Tutorials.

The tutorials are designed for beginners with little or no any automation experience. It is recommended to you refer the tutorials sequentially, one after the other.


Selenium Automation
 Introduction to Automation Testing                                                                   ➲  Tutorial
➝ Designing the Automation Framework                                                              Tutorial 
Introduction to Selenium.                                                                                      ➲  Tutorial
Introduction to Selenium IDE                                                                               ➲  Tutorial
Install Selenium IDE and Firebug.                                                                      ➲  Tutorial
Creating your first Selenium IDE script                                                           ➲  Tutorial
How to use locators in Selenium IDE                                                                ➲  Tutorial
Introduction to WebDriver and Comparison with Selenium RC          ➲  Tutorial
Installation of Selenium WebDirver                                                                 ➲  Tutorial
 Creating your first script in WebDriver                                                          ➲  Tutorial
Accessing forms using WebDriver                                                                     Tutorial        
 Select options from DropDown using Selenium WebDriver                ➲  Tutorial
Upload and Download a File using Selenium WebDirver                     ➲  Tutorial
 A complete guide of XPath in Selenium.                                                      ➲  Tutorial                       
 Alert and Popup handling in Selenium.                                                         ➲  Tutorial
Implicit and Explicit Waits in Selenium                                                        ➲  Tutorial
 Handling Dynamic Web Tables using Selenium                                       ➲  Tutorial
Dynamic  XPath in Selenium                                                                             ➲  Tutorial

Selenium Tools
WebDriver                                       ➲  Tutorial
JUnit                                                  ➲  Tutorial
TestNG                                              Tutorial
Jenkin                                               ➲  Tutorial
Live Project Practice                 ➲  Tutorial

Java Basic
Java Classes details(Debugging/Conditional Debugging)
Looping while for and for each(Latest JDK version)
Excel Sheet API(Read and Write to excel)
OOPS Concepts(Very Important for Interview)

Advance Java

Selenium Framework
Data Driven
Page Object Model

Selenium Live Project
Project Domain Explanation
 Discussion on modules and features.
Installation of Project
Execution of Test cases and finding the defects and preparing defect report
Flow diagram and project explanation

Selenium Interview Questions.