General Science Topic/Syllabus: Complete Study for SSC,RRB, and PSU - Scientech Easy

General Science Topic/Syllabus: Complete Study for SSC,RRB, and PSU

General Science topic/syllabus, General science for RRB, SSC, CGL, JSSC, BSSC, PSU, IES

General Science Topic/Syllabus for SSC, RRB, PSU, JSSC & Other Competitive Exams:

There are three subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which comes in General Science. All these three subjects are very very important and scoring for all competitive examinations like SSC, RRB, JSSC, BSSC, PSU, IES, NTPC, BHEL, IOCL etc. Only Basic questions ask in any exams. You have to clear only concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 
Here, you will get complete syllabus of General Science for all exams. We will provide you basic to advanced MCQ or Objective Questions with the answer and explanation from all these three subjects. Because MCQ is asked in any exams. 
These study material would you to understand the basic syllabus and related questions form all topic of general science. Frankly speaking, You cannot qualify any competitive exams without preparation of these three subjects. 
S0, let's study MCQ of each topic one by one.

General Science Topic/Syllabus:

1. Biology:

1.1  Introduction
1.2 Classification of Organisms.
1.3 Cytology
1.4 Genetics
1.5 Structure of Plant and Animal Cell.
1.6 Classification of Plant Kingdom.
1.7 Plant Morphology
1.8 Plant tissue
1.9 Photosynthesis
2.0 Plant Hormones
2.1 Plant Diseases
2.2 Mode of Nutrition in Plant.
2.3 Control and Coordination in Plant
2.4 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant.
2.5 Asexual Reproduction in Plants.
2.6 Transport system in Plant.
2.7 Respiration and Excretion in plants.
2.8 The Cell: The foundation of all living things.
2.9 Cell: Structure and Functions.
3.0 Control and Coordination in Human.
3.1 Human Reproductive system.
3.2 Excretory system in Humans.
3.3 Respiratory system in Humans.
3.4 Human Circulatory system.
3.5 The Heart.
3.6 Composition of Blood.
3.7 Functions of Blood.
3.8 Human Digestive system.
3.9 Cell Division
4.0 Food and Nutrition.
          Food & Nutrition MCQ-1: Carbohydrates
         Food & Nutrition MCQ-2: Proteins.
4.1 Human Diseases.
4.2 Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
4.3 Classification of Animal Kingdom.
4.4 The five kingdoms of life.
4.5 Mode of Nutrition in Animal.
4.6 Nutrition in Animal.
4.7 Sexual Reproduction in Animal.
4.8 Respiration in Animals.
4.9 Miscellaneous.

2. Physics:

1.1 Unit
1.2 Motion
1.3 Work, Energy, and Power.
1.4 Gravitation
1.5 Pressure
1.6 Floatation
1.7 Surface Tension
1.8 Viscosity
1.9 Elasticity
2.0 Simple Harmonic Motion
2.1 Wave
2.2 Sound Wave
2.3 Heat
2.4 Light
2.5 Static Electricity
2.6 Current Electricity.
2.7 Magnetism
2.8 Atomic and Nuclear Physics
2.9 Scientific Instruments.
3.0 Inventions
3.1 Radioactivity.
3.2 Nuclear fission and fusion
3.3 Electromagnetism
3.4 The four fundamental forces
3.5 The kinetic theory of matter
3.6 Magnetic effect of electric current
3.7 The Human eye and Defects.

3. Chemistry:

1.1 Matter and its state
1.2 Atomic Structure
1.3 Chemical Bonding
1.4 Periodic Classification of Element.
1.5 Oxidation and Reduction
1.6 Acids, Base, and Salts
1.7 Behaviour of Gases
1.8 Electrolysis
1.9 Carbon and its Compound
2.0 Fuels
2.1 Metallurgy
2.2 Metals and Non-metals
2.3 Chemical Reactions
2.4 Radioactivity
2.5 Electrochemistry
2.6 Catalyst
2.7 Hydrocarbons
2.8 List of important Drugs and Chemicals
2.9 Fertilizers
3.0 Concepts of pH scale.

Final words:
I hope this article will help you to understand the General Science Topic /syllabus for all exams. This syllabus is a basic and very important for all exams. We will provide you MCQ for each topic to make easy our exams. because MCQ is easy to remember and good for practice. 
Biology is more important. From the recent analysis, questions are asked more from biology subject. Biology must be strong to crack any PSU exams.