RRB General Science Questions for ALP & Group D 1

RRB General Science Questions:

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General Science Question

 1. Avogadro Constant is an experimentally obtained value. What is this value?

    A. 6.022 × 10^23
B. 7.022 × 10^23
C. 8.022 × 10^23
D. 9.022 × 10^23
Ans: A

2. Magnesium Ribbon burns with a

A. sparkling blue flame
B. dazzling white flame
C. bright yellow flame
D. pale reddish brown flame
Ans: B

3. Iron articles are shiny when new, but they get coated with a reddish-brown powder when left for a few months. This process is commonly known as

A. rusting of iron
B. rotting of iron
C. electroplating of iron
D. galvanizing of iron
Ans: A

4. The reaction between an acid and a base to give a salt and water is known as a

A. neutralization reaction
B. alkaline reaction
C. basic reaction
D. alkaline-base reaction
Ans: A

5. Bleaching Powder is produced by the action of Chlorine on

A. sea water
B. rock salt
C. mineral water
D. dry slaked lime
Ans: D

6. Which of the following is used in the kitchen for faster cooking?

A. Rock salt
B. Baking soda
C. Common salt
D. Vinegar
Ans :- B

7. Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate is also called

A. Washing soda
B. Rock salt
C. Plaster of Paris
D. Baking soda
Ans: C

8. Polyvinylchloride is

A. A hard metallic substance
B. A rubber-like material
C. A good conductor of heat
D. A good conductor of electricity
Ans: B

9. What is the Tincture of Iodine?

A. A solution of iodine in alcohol
B. A solution of iodine in water
C. A solution of iodine in tartaric acid
D. A solution of iodine in hydrochloric acid
Ans: B

10. What is the formula unit mass of CaCl2?

A. 35.5 u
B. 40 u
C. 71 u
D. 111 u
Ans: D

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