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If you are beginners to learn Java programming, this may be your right platform. You can get an overview of the whole Core Java topic or syllabus below with the link. In each tutorial, you will also get interview questions and programming exercise to test your understanding.

Core Java Tutorial Point

Core Java Syllabus

Classes and Objects

👉 Instance Initialization Block(IIB) in Java

Static Keyword

👉 Static Variable in Java | Example & Advantages

👉 Static Method in Java | Example Programs

👉 Static Block in Java | Example, & Advantages

Inner Classes

Method Overloading

👉 Method Overloading in Java | Rules & Example Program

👉 When to use method overloading in Java

👉 Type Conversion & Casting in Java with Example

👉 Automatic Type Promotion in Method Overloading Java

Method Overriding

👉 Method Overriding in Java | Rules & Example Program

👉 Covariant Return Types in Java | Example Program

👉 Rules of Exceptional Handling with Method overriding in Java

👉 10 Main Differences between Overloading & Overriding

👉 Method Hiding in Java | Example Programs

👉 Dynamic Method Dispatch in Java


👉 Abstraction in Java | Abstract Class in Java

👉 Interface in Java | Extending & Implementing Interface