Core Java Tutorial Point Step By Step for Beginners

Welcome to online core java tutorial point. Here, you can learn concepts of core java from basic to advanced levels.

This core java tutorial is specially designed for beginners and experienced. It will guide you step by step to learn every concept of the Java programming language.

We have taken great care not only to add a new tutorial but also thoroughly revise and update the existing content on a regular basis so that you can get a better user experience.

If you are beginners to learn Java programming, this may be your right platform. You can get an overview of the whole Core Java topics below with the link.

In each tutorial, you will also get interview questions and programming exercises to test your understanding.

Core Java tutorial

Core Java Tutorial

Java Introduction

  1. What is Java | Creation, History of Java
  2. Features of Java | Java Buzzwords
  3. What is JDK | Java Platform (Ecosystem)
  4. Bytecode in Java | Bytecode vs Machine code
  5. What is JRE | Java API, Class Loader
  6. What is JVM in Java | JVM Architecture, JIT Compiler
  7. What is Java Compiler | How works it
  8. Interpreter in Java | Interpreter vs Compiler
  9. Download and Install Java Development Kit (JDK) in Windows
  10. Download and Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
  11. How to write First Simple Java Program Hello World

Classes and Objects

  1. Classes and Objects in Java with Realtime Examples
  2. How to Create Objects in Java
  3. Object Declaration and Initialization
  4. Life Cycle of Object
  5. Anonymous Object in Java
  6. Types of Classes in Java

Data Types and Variables

  1. Data Types in Java | Primitive Data Types with Examples
  2. Non-primitive Data types in Java
  3. Memory Allocation of Data types
  4. Java Variables | Types of Variables
  5. Scope of Variables
  6. Constants in Java

Java Operators

  1. Operators in Java | Arithmetic Operator
  2. Relational Operators
  3. Logical Operators
  4. Assignment Operators
  5. Unary Operators
  6. Conditional Operators
  7. Bitwise Operators
  8. Shift Operators


  1. Packages in Java | Example Program


  1. Methods in Java | Types, Method Signature
  2. Main Method in Java | Public Static Void Main(Strings[] args)
  3. Arguments and Parameters
  4. Call by Value and Call by Reference
  5. How to Call Method with Parameters in Java
  6. Return Type in Java | Example Programs


  1. Constructor in Java | Types of Constructor
  2. Constructor Overloading in Java with Example Programs
  3. Constructor Chaining in Java with Example Programs
  4. Copy Constructor in Java | Example Program
  5. Private Constructor in Java | Use, Example


  1. Access Modifiers in Java | Example Program
  2. Non-access Modifiers in Java


  1. Instance Block in Java | Types of Blocks

Static and Final Keywords

  1. Static Variable in Java | Example Program
  2. Static Method in Java | Example Program
  3. Can we override static method in Java
  4. Static Block in Java | Example Program
  5. Final Keyword in Java | Final Variable, Method, Class

Inner Classes

  1. Inner Classes in Java | Types, Realtime Example
  2. Normal Inner Class in Java | Example Program
  3. Method Local Inner Class in Java | Example Program
  4. Anonymous Inner Class in Java | Example Program
  5. Nested Inner Class in Java | Example Program

Object-oriented Programming System

  1. OOPs Concepts in Java | Realtime Example, Application, Advantages


  1. Encapsulation in Java | Realtime Example
  2. Getter and Setter in Java | Example Program
  3. Top 5 Encapsulation Programs in Java for Practice


  1. Inheritance in Java | Realtime Example
  2. Superclass and Subclass in Java | Example Program
  3. Behavior of Access Modifiers in case of Inheritance
  4. Types of Inheritance in Java
  5. Top 10 Inheritance Interview Programs for Practice
  6. Class Relationships in Java
  7. Has-A Relationship
  8. Association in Java | Example Program
  9. Aggregation in Java | Example Program
  10. Association vs Aggregation vs Composition

Super and This Keywords

  1. Super Keyword in Java | Use, Example Program
  2. This Keyword in Java | Use, Example Program
  3. Difference between Super and This

Method Overloading

  1. Method Overloading in Java | Rules, Example Program
  2. When to use Method overloading in Java Project
  3. Type Conversion and Casting in Java
  4. Automatic Type Promotion in Method Overloading
  5. Class Casting in Java | Generalization, Serialization
  6. Upcasting and Downcasting in Java with Example
  7. Java Method Overloading Interview Programs for Practice

Method Overriding

  1. Method Overriding in Java | Rules, Example Program
  2. Covariant Return Type in Java
  3. Rules of Exception Handling with Method Overriding
  4. Difference between Method overloading and Method overriding
  5. Method Hiding in Java | Example Program
  6. Dynamic Method Dispatch in Java
  7. Top 15 Method Overriding Interview Programs for Practice


  1. Abstraction in Java | Abstract class, Realtime Example
  2. Interface in Java | Extending, Implementing Interfaces
  3. Realtime Use of Interface on Java Application
  4. Nested Interface in Java | Example Program
  5. 12 Difference between Abstract class and Interface
  6. Difference between Class and Interface
  7. Default Method in Java 8 Interface
  8. Interface Static Method in Java 8


  1. Polymorphism in Java | Compile time, Runtime
  2. Static and Dynamic Binding in Java

Exception Handling

  1. Exception Handling in Java | Realtime Example
  2. Exception Hierarchy in Java
  3. Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java
  4. Java Try Catch Block with Example 
  5. Multiple Catch Block in Java
  6. Nested Try, Nested Try Catch in Java
  7. Finally Block in Java | Example Program
  8. Return Statement in Try-catch block
  9. When Finally block is not Executed
  10. Throw Keyword in Java | Example Program
  11. Throws Keyword in Java | Example Program
  12. User-defined Exception in Java with Example
  13. Chained Exceptions in Java
  14. Throwable class in Java
  15. Errors in Java | Runtime and Compile-time Errors
  16. Exception Handling Interview Programs for Practice

Collections Framework

  1. Java Collections Framework Tutorials


  1.  Java String Tutorial for Beginners


  1. Java Thread Tutorial | Realtime Examples

Hope that this core java tutorial point has covered all tutorials step by step with basic and advanced example programs. I hope that you will have understood concepts of core java and enjoyed all the example programs covered in tutorials.
Thanks for reading!!!
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