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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Selenium Automation Testing Tutorial | Online Course

Welcome to the online free course of Selenium Automation Testing. Scientech Easy provides an online free tutorial of Selenium course in a simple process and step by step. In the IT Industry, Software testing jobs are growing rapidly into the automation. Therefore, the knowledge and experiences of Selenium testing tool are essential to sustain in the testing professional. 

Selenium Automation Testing Jobs are considered as the most wanted in the Information Technology industry, and Selenium WebDriver is one of the best automation testing tool in recent years. The demand for Selenium WebDriver based jobs is increasing day by day in the market. Scientech Easy is providing full courses of Selenium with the best collection of Selenium Interview Questions so that you can crack easily any interview of IT company and secure a decent Selenium automation jobs for themselves. but no doubt, there are also so many interesting challenges that you will have to face in the training for Junior testers. 

You can also get a Java course in an easy way and step by step from this website. Especially for beginners, the basic knowledge of Core Java is strongly recommended for learning the selenium because the concepts of core java are used in the selenium coding.
Selenium for Automation Testing, Learn Selenium automation testing online free
The tutorial link is given below with topic name in brief. 
👉 Selenium Automation Testing - A Complete Industrial Syllabus
👉 Automation Testing Tutorial | Advantages & Disadvantages
| What is Automation? | What is Automation testing? | How should we do Testing? | How to test? | Why is Automation required? | Which test cases should be automated? | Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing | Manual Testing vs Automation Testing | 
👉 Selenium Tutorial | Components of Selenium | Example
| Selenium | Real-time Examples | Selenium Components | Selenium IDE | Selenium RC | Selenium WebDriver | Selenium Grid | Selendroid | Appium | How to choose right selenium tool for your need? | Difference between Selenium & QTP |
👉 Selenium WebDriver Tutorial | Architecture & Advantages
| What is WebDriver? | What is Selenium WebDriver? | Selenium WebDriver Architecture | Features of Selenium WebDriver | Advantages of Selenium WebDriver | Limitation of Selenium WebDriver | Selenium WebDriver vs Selenium RC |
👉 Locators in Selenium | Types of Locators with Example
| Locators | What is WebElement? | Types of Locators: ID, Name, ClassName, TagName, LinkText, Partial LinkText, CSS selector, XPath | Types of XPath | 
👉 Selenium WebDriver Commands List
| Get Commands | Navigation Commands | WebElement Commands | Difference between driver.get() and driver.navigate() method | Difference between findElement() and findElements() method |
👉 How to write First Selenium WebDriver Script

Apache POI API Tutorial
👉 Apache POI Tutorial | Download & Installation POI Jar
| Apache POI Data-Driven Framework | Classes and Interfaces in POI | Install Apache POI Jars to Eclipse IDE for Selenium WebDriver project | Difference between JXL Jar and POI Jar |
👉 Reading Excel File in Java using POI