Wipro Selenium Interview Questions

Here, I have listed some popular Selenium interview questions asked in Wipro Technologies that must be known best possible answers to these questions before going to interview. These kinds of Selenium interview questions can be asked from 1 to 4 years of experienced candidates.

If you are freshers then I will recommend that you also prepare answers of these questions. These Selenium interview questions can be also asked in other companies.

List of Selenium Interview Questions asked in Wipro Technologies, Pune

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. How many automation testing experiences in your project?
3. What are your role and responsibilities in your current project?
4. What kind of framework you have used in your current project? Can you explain it?
5. Have you developed any framework in your project?

6. How many test cases have you written in your current project?
7. What is difference between abstract class and interface in Java?
8. Can you create an object of abstract class in Java?
9. What is the use of constructor in Selenium?
10. What is the difference among final, finally, and finalize in Java?
11. What is difference between checked and unchecked exceptions in Java?

12. Difference between List and Set.
13. Difference between Array and Collections.
14. What is difference between String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder in Java?
15. What is difference between following source code?
String s = “Welcome”;
String s2 = new String(“Welcome”);

16. What is difference between method overloading and method overriding?
17. What are TestNG annotations?
18. What is object repository? How will you create object repository in Selenium?
19. Have you worked on Page object model framework?
20. What is Page factory?
21. What is Xpath? Write Xpath for the given scenario.
22. Write XPath to locate div element that has no tags?

23. What are Waits in Selenium? Explain briefly.
24. What is difference between Thread.sleep and Thread.wait?
25. How to select value from dropdown in Selenium?
26. What is difference between quite and close in Selenium?
27. Write code to read data from excel sheet using POI?

28. How to handle Iframe in Selenium WebDriver?
29. What are exceptions that you faced in your current project?
30. Where have you used OOPs concept in your current project?
31. What is difference between bug and defect?
32. Difference between retesting and regression testing.

33. What is integration, system, smoke, regression, and functional testing?
34. What is the difference between STLC and SDLC?
35. Few questions have been asked on SQL basic.
36. What is the use of Jenkins?
37. What is Maven?
38. Write code to write results in excel sheet.

Applying to Wipro Technologies

It is a very easy and simple process to apply for jobs at Wipro Technologies. Go to link http://careers.wipro.com/index.aspx and log-in to Wipro’s career portal and post your profile.

Your profile will be saved into the system and screened by recruiters for a current opening. If your profile is found suitable for the current, job opening, you will be informed by email.

In case no job opening matches your profile, your profile will remain in the database for 6 months and during that time recruiter will keep on screening your profile against new openings, after which it gets auto-deleted.

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