Selenium Syllabus: Industrial Topics for 2020

Selenium Syllabus | Selenium is a popular free functional open-source web-based automation tool that tests the functionality of web-based application. It was originally designed by Jason Huggins in 2004.

In this tutorial, we will know about the complete industrial Selenium syllabus for 2020. This syllabus has been designed for fresher and experienced.

The topics under this syllabus will cover all Selenium sub-topics from basic to advanced. So, prepare whole-heartedly. It is recommended to you refer the tutorial sequentially, one after the other that will help to understand better.Selenium syllabus/topics

Topics under Selenium Syllabus

This Selenium syllabus consists of following topics. They are as follows:

1. Introduction to Automation Testing
2. Introduction to Selenium

Basic Selenium WebDriver Topics

3. Download and Installation of Selenium WebDriver
4. How to create first Selenium Webdriver Script using Java programming language
5. Selenium WebDriver commands, Navigation commands, WebElement commands
6. Locators in Selenium: Id, name, className, tagName, linktext, partialLinkText, CSS Selector, Xpath locator.

7. Find Element and FindElements in Selenium WebDriver
8. Select class in Selenium, Select methods under Select class.
9. How to select Checkbox and Radio Button in Selenium WebDriver
10. How to Click on Image in Selenium Webdriver

11. How to select value from DropDown using Selenium Webdriver
12. How to locate elements by Link Text & Partial Link Text in Selenium Webdriver
13. Action Class in Selenium Webdriver: Mouse click and Keyboard events
14. How to Upload and Download a file using Selenium Webdriver
15. XPath in Selenium WebDriver: from basic to Dynamic XPath

16. Alert Interface in Selenium
17. How to handle Pop up window in Selenium WebDriver
18. JavascriptExecutor interface in Selenium
19. How to Scroll up and down in Selenium
20. How to handle Web Table in Selenium WebDriver

21. Handling Dynamic Web Tables Using Selenium WebDriver
22. Desired Capabilities in Selenium WebDriver
23. How to find all broken links using Selenium Webdriver
24. Gecko (Marionette) Driver Selenium: Download, Install, Use with Firefox
25. Iframe in Selenium: Switch to Iframe

TestNG Syllabus

1. TestNG Framework Tutorial | Download & Installation
2. How to write first TestNG Test Case
3. TestNG Annotations
4. TestNG Groups
5. How to set Priority of Test Cases in TestNG

6. TestNG @Test Annotation & Supported Attributes
7. How to create and run TestNG XML file in Eclipse
8. Parameterization in TestNG using TestNG XML file
9. DataProvider in TestNG | Example Scenarios
10. How to run multiple tests using TestNG XML file

11. Parallel Test Execution in Selenium using TestNG
12. TestNG Assert in Selenium | Assert Commands
13. TestNG Listeners
14. How to execute failed Test Cases in TestNG
15. TestNG Report Generation in Selenium WebDriver
16. Customize, PDF and Email TestNG Reports in Selenium WebDriver
17. Cross Browser Testing in Selenium

Apache POI API Topics

1. What is Apache POI API, Classes and Interfaces in Apache POI
2. Download and installation of POI Jar files
3. How to read Excel file using POI API
4. How to write Excel file using POI API
5. Difference between JXL and POI

Selenium Framework Topics

1. Page Object Model (POM) in Selenium
2. Page Factory in Selenium | @FindBy, initElements Method
3. Selenium Framework: Data-driven framework, Keyword driven framework, and Hybrid framework
4. Creating Object Repository in Selenium using Properties file and XML

Advanced Selenium WebDriver Topics

1. Selenium Grid: Hub and Node
2. Maven and Jenkins integration with Selenium
3. Database Testing using Selenium
4. How to take Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver
5. Log4j with Selenium: Download, Installation, Use, and Example

6. Selenium Headless Browser Testing: HTMLUnitDriver and PhantomJS
7. Robot Class in Selenium Webdriver
8. How to use AutoIT with Selenium Webdriver: File Upload Example
9. How to handle SSL Certificate using Selenium WebDriver
10. How to handle AJAX call in Selenium Webdriver

11. How to use IntelliJ IDEA & Selenium Webdriver
12. Flash Testing with Selenium WebDriver
13. How to Generate XSLT Report in Selenium Webdriver
14. Github Integration with Selenium
15. Cookies Handling in Selenium WebDriver

16. SoapUI with Selenium for Web Service Testing
17. How to create Firefox profile in Selenium WebDriver
18. Cucumber (BDD Framework)
19. How to Drag and Drop in Selenium WebDriver (EXAMPLE)
20. Implicit, Explicit, and Fluent Wait in Selenium WebDriver
21. Selenium Proxy Authentication using Webdriver
22. List of Exception occurring in Selenium

Selenium IDE Syllabus/Topics

1. Download and Installation of Selenium IDE for Firefox
2. What is Selenium IDE?
3. How to use Selenium IDE with Scripts and Commands (Assert, and Verify)
4. How to verify element present, waitFor, and wait in Selenium IDE
5. How to store Variables, Echo, Alert, PopUp handling in Selenium IDE
6. Breakpoint and Start point in Selenium IDE
7. Maximize browser in Selenium
8. Refresh Page using Selenium Webdriver

♦ Preparation for Selenium Interview Questions
♦ Live Selenium Project: Banking Domain
♦ Live Ecommerce Project: Selenium Automation

Hope this Selenium syllabus has covered all important topics under Selenium and TestNG sections that will have helpful to understand how to prepare for Selenium automation testing.

Besides Selenium syllabus, knowledge of basic core java is also a must. Therefore, look at a glance core java syllabus.

Core Java Syllabus

1. Classes and Objects in Java
2. Data types in Java
3. Variables in Java
4. Package
5. Constructor

6. Methods
7. Access Modifiers in Java
8. Static Keyword in Java
9. Final keyword in Java
10. Super and this Keyword

11. OOPs concepts in Java: Encapsulation, Inheritance, Abstraction, and Polymorphism
12. Exception Handling in Java
13. Reflection
14. Arrays
15. String, StringBuffer, and String Builder

16. Collection Framework
17. Input-Output Stream
18. Agile Methodology
19. Database (MySQL)
20. Garbage Collection

This is a complete core java syllabus for Selenium automation testing.
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