Java Collections Tutorial with Example

This Java collections tutorial is designed for beginners and experienced developers that will provide you depth knowledge of collections with realtime example programs in simple, easy ways and step by step.

The syllabus of Collections in Java with links is given below. This topic is very important for an interview purpose because it is used in almost every application. Therefore, you cannot create any project without using collections. So learn this topic wholeheartedly.

Java collections tutorials

Java Collections Tutorials

  1. Collections Framework in Java | Realtime Example
  2. Collection Hierarchy in Java | Collection Interface

Java List Interface and Implementation Classes

  1. Java List Interface | Methods, Example
  2. ArrayList in Java | Methods, Example
  3. Java Enumeration | Iterators in Java
  4. Iterator in Java | Methods, Iterable Interface, Example
  5. ListIterator in Java | Methods, Example
  6. How to iterate ArrayList in Java
  7. How to Synchronize ArrayList
  8. ArrayList Programs for Interview Practice
  9. Realtime Use of ArrayList in Java with Example
  10. Store User-defined Class Objects in ArrayList
  11. Vector in Java | Methods, Example
  12. Vector Programs in Java for Best Practice
  13. LinkedList in Java | LinkedList Methods
  14. Java LinkedList Example Programs
  15. How to iterate LinkedList in Java

Java Set Interface and Implementation Classes

  1. Java Set Interface | Methods, Example
  2. How to iterate Set in Java
  3. Java HashSet | Example Program
  4. LinkedHashSet in Java | Example Program
  5. TreeSet in Java | Methods, Example

Java Map Interface and Implementation Classes

  1. Map in Java | Map.Entry, Example
  2. How to Iterate Map in Java with Example
  3. HashMap in Java | Methods, Use, Example
  4. How to Iterate Java HashMap with Example
  5. Internal Working of HashMap in Java 8
  6. LinkedHashMap in Java | Methods, Example
  7. TreeMap in Java | Methods, Example
  8. WeakHashMap in Java | Methods, Example
  9. IdentityHashMap in Java | Methods, Example
  10. EnumMap in Java | Methods, Example
  11. SortedMap in Java | Methods, Example
  12. What is Hashtable in Java with Example Program
  13. Properties in Java | Example Program

Other Java Collections Tutorial

  1. Queue in Java | Methods, Example
  2. PriorityQueue in Java | Methods, Example
  3. Deque in Java | Methods, Example
  4. ArrayDeque in Java | Methods, Example
  5. Stack in Java | Methods, Example
  6. StringTokenizer in Java | Use, Example
  7. Java Calendar Class with Example
  8. Java GregorianCalendar with Example

Hope that this Java collections tutorial has covered almost all topics with practical example programs. I hope that you will have understood and enjoyed all tutorials.

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Thanks for reading!!!

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