Build Your Career As Automobile Engineer In India

Being an automobile engineer is a dream for many Indian students. It is mostly the career choice of students who are passionate about vehicles and how they operate.

However, to be a full-fledged automobile engineer, you need more than passion; you need skills.

An automobile engineer requires knowledge in multiple fields. These include programming, knowledge of structure and mechanics, GD&T, mathematics, electrical and electronic devices, aerodynamics, and more.

As the competition increases, skills are now the most significant deciding factor between students ready for the professional world and those who are not.

Build Your Career As An Automobile Engineer In India

If you are not skilled enough or stop upgrading yourself, people may take your spot.

Eligibility For Automobile Engineers In India

Before you can become an automobile engineer in India, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Complete your 12th standard in the Science stream.
  • Apply for the national level engineering exam.
  • After the results are out, enroll in an AICTE approved engineering college or university.
  • Make sure to choose B.Tech with electrical, mechanical, or automobile engineering. They will be helpful for you to get the basic concepts properly.
  • You can also try to level up with an M.Tech degree after completing B.Tech.

What Does An Automobile Engineer Do?

An automobile engineer researches vehicle components designs automobiles and their parts and enhance productivity in the automobile industry. They also check for errors in automobile production.

An automobile engineer ensures all the mechanical, electrical, and computational parts are working in precision. They are also in charge of changing models, adding new technology, and devising new automobile ideas.

To build a strong repertoire, they need to have a strong foundation of the essentials. It comes with years of practice and training, though. They need not only theoretical and technical knowledge, but also relevant practical skills.

The Need For Technical Knowledge And Skill

As an automobile engineer, you need to have sound technical knowledge and knowledge of other fields. It is because automobile engineering is a combination of multiple disciplines.

Even when you are from a different stream, recruiters will hire if you have an excellent knowledge of automobiles and possess the necessary skills.

In addition to having theoretical knowledge, you also need to have the skills to back them up.

It takes practice and real-world projects to build up the experience and use the knowledge at the right time and right place. It can also hone and sharpen your skills over time.

Thus, knowledge and skill are the two sides of the same coin in automobile engineering.

Skills You Need To Be An Automobile Engineer

An engineering degree will only take you to the gate of success. The key to this door lies in your knowledge and understanding of the concepts in automobile engineering.

Whether in design, production, or safety, your knowledge will determine your success no matter which role you apply.

The top skills OEMs and other employers look for in an automobile engineer are as follows:

1. Communication Skills

An automobile engineer needs to work with a diverse team that comprises people from numerous departments. Hence, you need good oral and written skills for interpersonal communication.

It will be a bonus if you can speak in terms that other people can understand and relate to. You must also be an effective listener who values others’ opinions and can collaborate and manage the group.

2. Good In Mathematics

Automobile engineering is one field where you can not evade mathematics. From the design to the end of the production cycle, you will find calculations in every step.

You may have to work on its safety or decrease the vehicle’s cost; multiple aspects require mathematics.

This is especially true for GD&T (Geometric dimensions and tolerance), where you need to be precise about your measurements.

In addition to mathematics, knowledge of chemical engineering can help you regulate fuel usage, and material science can help you design better cars. Knowledge of a different field will enhance your skills.

3. Tool Knowledge

Communication skills and knowledge will help you. But to survive in the modern landscape – and make your life easier as an automobile engineer – tool knowledge is a necessity.

Here is a list of software you need to know as an automobile engineer.


MATLAB is a universal software used by multiple departments. You can use MATLAB to boost vehicle development and make sure they have performance, efficiency, comfort, and safety.

It can help you simulate vehicle operations to test and develop the product from the research. It can also help you check and get a graph of how modifications may affect the vehicle in real-world conditions.


CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is a designing software tool used to spot design errors before you start production. A CAD drawing acts as a basis for a blueprint of the model.

Instead of using a vehicle and making changes to it, drawing it on software can save time and money. You need to learn CAD software like SolidWorks, to become a good automobile engineer.

R Programming

R Programming is another software that has enormous implications in the automobile industry. It is mostly used in the testing failure of vehicle components and improving them.

Failure analysis is a specialization that allows engineers to design, manufacture, and develop better and safer products. You must be aware of R and ANSYS to build a better vehicle structure.

How To Proceed Into The Automobile Industry

If you are still a student, you can start taking up Automobile Courses that can help you tackle real-world problems. Working on live projects where you learn and work at improving the project can help you.

Some of the hot topics in the current age are the following:

  • Electric Vehicles: As the globe tackles pollution, electric vehicles are becoming widely popular.
  • Automobile Design: Designing the next best automobile is what recruiters want from you. The course will increase your career prospects.
  • Failure Analysis: Safety and compliance are important for any industry. Hence, failure analysis is always in high demand.


Automobile engineering requires both knowledge and skill. To survive in the current scenario, you need to upgrade your skills, have a zeal for improvement, and a passion for automobiles.


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