Best Clever Gadgets Every College Student Should Own

Are you looking for some of the best gadgets a college student should own? You might check your smartphone off the list, as that is more essential for everyone. However, many other gadgets can be even beneficial to you.

Here you will find some valuable additions. You might either not know about these or might have forgotten to consider these before you begin your college life. So, let’s start!

1. Smart Notebook
A smart notebook is an eco-friendly alternative. You can re-use it as many times as you like and always clear it out whenever needed. Then, what’s the point?

It can also connect with various apps like OneDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, and much more. Additionally, it comes with a unique app.

It means that whatever you write or draw on the notebook, you will have a convenient option to save it in your cloud storage.

All you have to do is scan by using your phone, and viola! The notes are safe in your cloud storage. It also cuts down the requirement to always carry more notebooks than needed.

2. Surge Protector

There are never enough plugs in the college. If you live in the dorm, you will find it hard to share or adjust with the limited plugs to meet electrical requirements.

By using a good surge protector, you can multiply the ports and conveniently use everything you need. From using multiple chargers to merely having space for more gadgets, a surge protector goes a long way for college life.

3. Mini Camera

You can use your phone’s camera, but it is never as lively as getting a mini camera. It will enable you to capture real-time moments. More importantly, you can immediately print them. It will allow you to have a physical copy of the memories you spent in college.

On the plus side, if you want to gift someone a collection of photographs, it will work very nicely.

4. Noise Cancellation Headphones

Dormitories, classrooms, and even libraries can be a little too distracting, with noise and sound. There’s no way for you to focus and study.

If you’re in the zone, you might want to get noise cancellation headphones. There are many cost-effective options available in the market.

Using them, you will be able to dumb down all the noise, listen to your favorite music as your story, and prepare for the test.

Believe it, noise cancellation headphones are a blessing, especially when you want to sleep at night.

5. A Laptop

There’s no doubt that a smartphone can provide you with various functions. However, there are many other things you would have to do.

A laptop makes it easier for you to conduct research or even have an immersive entertainment experience. You will have a more comfortable time writing reports or finishing assignments.

Of course, Acer Aspire 5 certainly falls on the list of one of the best laptops for students. You can choose customization of storage and RAM according to your budget. That’s why it is on the list!

6. Charging Backpacks Or A Power Bank

A charging backpack could be a viable addition as it would have a built-in power supply unit for you to charge your phone and such.

However, it might be a little outdated. You can substitute it for a powerful power bank. Believe it! You will need a power bank for the extensive hours, and sometimes you might not get to go to your dorm on time.

For emergencies, a full-powered power bank would be appropriate.

7. A Multi-Tool Folding set

Talking about living in the dorms and college life, it’s never wrong to be a resourceful person.

A multi-tool folding set is a perfect gadget you can have. It has various tools to meet your daily requirement. Whether it is a circuit problem, to repair any other device of yours, or a simple bottle opener, it is a valuable tool.

Let’s not forget that it will be even more valuable when you go on a college camping trip and such.

8. A Kindle Device

It’s strange, but Kindle has become a one-stop solution for people looking for any kind of book. You can even find your college books here, most likely.

So, instead of investing money in physical books, you can save a lot of money and space by buying a Kindle device. All you would have to do is download the book and study through kindle.

It cuts down all the load you would carry in your backpack. Combining it with other gadgets like laptops, smartphones, and smart notebooks is a delightful addition.

9. Electric Kettle

Many people will suggest you get a coffee maker. But that’s not what every student would want. You can get an electric kettle, and it will boil water for you. With that, you can get instant coffee quickly.

Alternatively, you can use the boiled water for instant noodles, brewing tea, or instant soups. Therefore, an electric kettle is a much better alternative to a single function coffee maker. It will be more attuned to your tastes and preferences even if you need to drink hot water.

10. A Smartwatch

You might wonder if a smartwatch is that important. The thing is, a smartwatch can be with you where nothing else can be. For example, gym classes.

There, you can use a smartwatch to take notes or set a reminder quickly. It is also a cool and stylish addition. You can use it for the same functions that your other smart devices would offer.

Let’s not forget that it assists you in keeping track of your health. If you set reminders, it will ping you, and these features are worth consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should You Get A Grooming Kit For College?

For boys, a grooming kit would be an excellent choice for daily hygiene and to maintain various looks. After all, it would be difficult to always visit a hair salon.

The same could apply to girls for getting body hair groomers. These are undoubtedly convenient options.

2. Are Alarm Clocks A Good Choice For College Students?

There’s no real need for an alarm clock because smartphones can have multiple functions and fulfill most of your requirements. An alarm clock would occupy space for no reason, and you would seldom use it.

3. Wouldn’t a Portable Printer Be Better Than A Mini Camera?

Most of the college facilities provide a printer for students to use. If you have assignments or notes requirements, you will have an easier time using them.

However, a printer would occupy space in your room for no reason. Mini cameras will allow you to print pictures immediately, and you won’t have to worry about getting permission to use their printers for images.


That’s everything you would need to have a better college life! Remember, a good laptop will take priority over everything else. While smartphones can provide a wide range of features and functions, laptops are still more efficient. You won’t regret getting one as it can assist you in the majority of the task.

With that being said! Everything on this list ensures you get a more comfortable college life and a dorm life. So go ahead and enjoy your academic years!

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