Functions in Python | Types, Example

A function in Python is a named block of organized and connected statements that performs a specific task. In other words, a function is a block of code that performs a specific and well-defined task. It organizes the code into a logical way to perform a certain task. Every function … Read more

Switch Statement in Python (Not Supportable)

Unlike other programming languages like C/C++/Java, Python does not have any dedicated switch case statement. A switch statement is a multiway decision statement that executes a statement by comparing the value of a variable to the values specified in the case statements. If it matches, a statement or a block … Read more

Python Pass Statement | Use, Example

The pass statement in Python is a simple statement that tells the Python interpreter to ‘do nothing’. The interpreter simply continues with the execution of program whenever the pass statement is executed. This amazing feature makes it a good placeholder whenever Python needs to form an empty sub-statement block. The … Read more