Java StringBuilder Class | Methods, Example

Java StringBuilder class represents a mutable sequence of characters (string). That is, we can change (or modify) the content of StringBuilder, without creating a new StringBuilder object. In other simple words, we can add or delete a new content into StringBuilder object, without creating a new StringBuilder object. Whereas in … Read more

StringBuffer Methods in Java | Example Program

In addition to be inherited from the Object class methods, StringBuffer class also provide some useful methods in Java. They are as: append() capacity() charAt() delete() ensureCapacity() getChars() indexOf() insert() length() reverse() and many more. So, let’s understand each StringBuffer class method one by one with example programs. Append Methods … Read more

String Class in Java | Methods, Example

In an application or a program, it is common to work with the sequence of text character (e.g., for user interactions or data processing). To support character strings, Java programming language provides a string class. This string class helps to manage text strings effortlessly in the java program. String class … Read more