Aggregation in Java OOPs | Example Program

Aggregation in Java is one of the core concepts of object-oriented programming. It focuses on establishing Has-A relationship between two classes. Aggregation is a more specialized form of unidirectional association that represents an ownership relationship between two class objects. In other words, when two aggregated objects have their own life … Read more

Association in Java | Types, Example

Association in Java is a relationship that defines the relationship between two classes that are independent of one another. It represents Has-A relationship. Association is one of the core concepts of object-oriented programming in Java. It indicates how objects of classes communicate with each other and how they use the … Read more

Has-A Relationship in Java | Types, Example

Has-A Relationship in Java | In addition to Uses-A relationship and Is-A relationship that represents inheritance, one more relationship is commonly used in object-oriented programming. This relationship is called Has-relationship in Java. When an object of one class is created as a data member inside another class, it is called … Read more

Class Relationships in Java | Types of Relationships

Class relationships in Java define the special relationships among different kinds of classes. For example, there is a special relationship between a class named Vehicle and a class Car: A Car is a type of Vehicle. There is a different kind of relationship among classes Shape, Circle, Rectangle, and Square. … Read more

50 Java Interface Interview Programming Questions

Here, we have listed the best collection of 45++ Interface interview questions and answers in Java. These interface interview questions can be asked in any technical tests and interviews from freshers and experienced. We have also covered a collection of interface programming questions, coding related errors, etc, for best practice. … Read more