Generic Interface in Java | Example Program

Similar to generic class, when an interface is defined using generic type parameter, it is called generic interface in java. When a generic interface is implemented by either a generic class or non-generic class, the type argument must be specified. The generic interface has main two advantages that are as: … Read more

Generic Constructor in Java | Example Program

When we define a generic type parameter to the constructor of a class, it is called generic constructor in java. We can use a generic constructor for both generic and non-generic classes. The general syntax to define a generic constructor in a class is as follows: // A generic class. … Read more

Generics in Java | Features, Example

Generics in Java is a mechanism that allows writing code for one type (say T) that is applicable for all types of data, instead of writing separate classes for each type. Let’s understand it with the help of an example. Suppose we have class A with an instance variable x … Read more