How to Select Dropdown Value in Selenium WebDriver

Select Dropdown Value in Selenium | In the previous tutorial, we have known that select class in Selenium is used to interact with dropdown and lists that are created with the <select> element. We have also familiarized select class methods with examples. Now, in this tutorial, we will learn how … Read more

How to Deselect Dropdown Value in Selenium WebDriver

We know that Selenium WebDriver supports the testing of dropdown elements using a special select class. Select class in selenium provides various methods to select and deselect dropdown elements.  In this tutorial, we will learn how to deselect dropdown options in selenium when the dropdown option already selected.  Let’s create … Read more

How to Select Checkbox in Selenium WebDriver

Checkboxes are widely used in web applications, mostly in those situations where the user needs to choose one or more available options. For example, when you fill up any company registration form, there are one or more checkbox options for language selection. In this case, you have to select many … Read more

Find Element by XPath in Selenium with Example

In the previous tutorial, we have familiarized the basic syntax of XPath, absolute and relative XPath in Selenium. I hope that you have learned findElement commands, locators in Selenium.  If not, I will recommend that you first go to these chapters, then come to learn how to find element by … Read more

XPath in Selenium | XPath Syntax, Types, Example

In this tutorial, we are going to learn the most important topic XPath in Selenium WebDriver which is asked by the interviewer in any Selenium automation testing interview. Basically, when we write any test script, we generally prefer to use general Selenium locators such as id, name, className, tagName, etc. … Read more