Java StringBuilder Class | Methods, Example

Java StringBuilder class represents a mutable sequence of characters (string). That is, we can change (or modify) the content of StringBuilder, without creating a new StringBuilder object. In other simple words, we can add or delete a new content into StringBuilder object, without creating a new StringBuilder object. Whereas in … Read more

StringBuffer Methods in Java | Example Program

In addition to be inherited from the Object class methods, StringBuffer class also provide some useful methods in Java. They are as: append() capacity() charAt() delete() ensureCapacity() getChars() indexOf() insert() length() reverse() and many more. So, let’s understand each StringBuffer class method one by one with example programs. Append Methods … Read more

String Class in Java | Methods, Example

In an application or a program, it is common to work with the sequence of text character (e.g., for user interactions or data processing). To support character strings, Java programming language provides a string class. This string class helps to manage text strings effortlessly in the java program. String class … Read more

Java String Tutorial for Beginners

This String tutorial is designed for beginners and professional who want to learn string in Java programming. In each string tutorial, we have covered the best explanation of string topics with various example programs and related diagrams. We have also covered the most important coding questions related to string topic … Read more