JavaScript Topics List for Beginners

JavaScript (originally known as LiveScript) is an object-oriented scripting language developed for creating dynamic and interactive online applications. It can link together objects and resources on both client and server sides. Brendan Eich created JavaScript in December 1995 while he was working at Netscape Communications Corporation.

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language interpreted by the web browser when the webpage is loaded. All the popular web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer widely support this first web scripting language.

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular, easy to learn web-based programming language, completely different from Java. It is one of the backbones of web development, along with HTML semantic markup language and CSS style. Therefore, we can use it in conjunction with HTML and CSS to create more dynamic, interactive, engaging and responsive web pages and websites.

JavaScript is an outstanding programming language to learn for beginners who want to make a career in web development. This is because it’s still the most popular and commonly used script language around everywhere.

List of JavaScript Topics for Beginners

JavaScript is easy to learn language. Its syntax is relatively easy and straightforward compared to other programming languages. You can start to learn from basic and as your skills grow, you can go for advanced concepts with practices. Today, learning JavaScript opens up many career opportunities in web development. It offers a wide range of possibilities, such as creating games, developing animations, and implementing dynamic styling.

Many companies, from tech giants to startups, depend on JavaScript to develop their web applications. Therefore, it is still a valuable skill in today’s job market. If you are a beginner, engineering college student, or professional and want to learn JavaScript to advance your career in web development, you have come to the right place.

Here, we have listed all the important JavaScript topics from basic to advanced levels with various examples. You can go through each JavaScript topic one by one. At the end, you will find the most important JavaScript interview questions with the best possible answers that you will need to crack the interview. So, let’s start your journey with the first topic.

Module 1: JavaScript Introduction
JavaScript Tutorial
Include External JavaScript in HTML
JavaScript Hello World Program
What is Scripting Language
Write JavaScript in Notepad++
What is Client Side Scripting
Write JavaScript in Visual Studio Code
What is Server Side Scripting
Write JavaScript in Eclipse IDE
Scripting Language vs Programming Language
Add JavaScript in HTML
Module 2: Basic JavaScript
JavaScript Comments
Types of Variables in JavaScript
JavaScript Keywords
Let in JavaScript
JavaScript Data Types
Const in JavaScript
JavaScript Variables
Difference between Var, Let, and Const
Module 3: JavaScript Operators
JavaScript Operators
Bitwise Operators
Assignment Operator
Unary Operators
Comparison Operators
TypeOf Operator
Logical Operators
Operator Precedence
Conditional Operators
Module 4: JavaScript Decision Making Statements
Conditional Statement
Do While Loop
If Statement
JavaScript For Loop
If-else Statement
Nested For Loops
Switch Statement
Break Statement
Loops in JavaScript
Continue Statement
While Loop
Module 5: JavaScript Functions
Function in JavaScript
Rest Parameter
Call Function using Arguments
Anonymous Functions
Pass By Value
Recursion in JavaScript
Function Return
Arrow Function in JavaScript
Nested Functions in JavaScript
Module 6: JavaScript Objects
Objects in JavaScript
How to Create Object in JavaScript
Types of Objects in JavaScript
Module 7: JavaScript Arrays
Arrays in JavaScript
push() method
For In Loop
shift() method
For Of Loop
unshift() method
Passing Array to JavaScript Function
splice() method
Array Methods
forEach() method
concat() method
map() method
join() method
filter() method
sort() method
find() method
slice() method
findIndex() method
fill() method
some() method
pop() method
every() method

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