First among Indians MCQ 1. Who was the first Governor of Bengal?     a. Henry Vansittart     b. Robert Clive     c. John Cartier     d. Warren HastingsAns: aKey: From 1690, a governor represented the British East India Company in Bengal. Robert Clive also knew as Clive of India. He … Read more

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Important General Knowledge Topic/Syllabus for RRB,SSC,JSSC,BSSC,IES etc

Chapter Name➝First among Indians          ➝ First among Indians MCQ with Key 1          ➝ First among Indians MCQ with Key 2➝National Emblems➝UNO➝World Organisations➝International Boundaries➝Research Centres of India➝Nuclear and Space Research Centres in India.➝ Awards. ➞ Dancing➝ Rivers➝ Date and Events➝ Sports

Access Modifiers Interview Questions Answer

Access Modifiers Questions asked in Interview 1. How many types of Modifiers in Java? There are two types of Modifiers in Java:          a) Access Modifiers          b) Non- access Modifiers   2. What are the access modifiers in java? Access Modifiers are the … Read more


      First Among Indians:  General Knowledge Lists: The list of first in India is always remember and admire by the Indian Society. They had given outstanding contribution in India and world. We bring you a list of ‘First Indian’ with some brief keys about them. These keys are … Read more

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