Java Collections Tutorial with Example

This Java collections tutorial is designed for beginners and experienced developers that will provide you depth knowledge of collections with example programs in simple, easy ways and step by step. The syllabus of Collections in Java with links is given below. This topic is very important for an interview purpose … Read more

Collections Framework in Java | Realtime Example

Collections framework in Java is one of the most valuable and interesting topics of Java language. How important it is? Without using collection’s concepts, you cannot develop any production level software application in Java. Therefore, every Java learner has to learn the collections framework. According to the Sun Microsystem document, … Read more

65 Java Exception Handling Interview Questions Answers

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User defined Exception in Java | Custom Exception

In earlier tutorials, we have seen predefined exceptions provided by the Java platform. These predefined exceptions are used to handle errors occurring in the program. But sometimes the programmer wants to create his own customized exception as per requirements of the application which is called user-defined exception or custom exception. … Read more

Finally Block in Java | Use, Example

Finally Block in Java | A “finally” is a keyword used to create a block of code that follows a try or catch block. A finally block contains all the crucial codes such as closing connections, stream, etc that is always executed whether an exception occurs within a try block … Read more