How to Move to Element and Click in Selenium

Move To Element is a kind of action on the web page in which the mouse cursor moves to a WebElement. To move mouse cursor to a WebElement, we use the moveToElement() method of actions class in Selenium WebDriver.  The API syntax for moveToElement() method is as follows: Syntax:     … Read more

How to Right Click on WebElement in Selenium

In the previous tutorial, we have successfully performed double-click action on a WebElement and current location on the web page. Now, moving ahead to the next action called right-click or context-click. Basically, a context menu is a menu displayed on a web page that appears when a user performs right-click … Read more

How to perform Double click Action in Selenium

Performing Double Click Action on Current Location Let’s move on another action called double-click that can be performed using a mouse. To perform double-click action on the current location, we will use doubleClick() method of actions class. Basically, doubleClick() method comes into two flavors. First is, double-clicking a WebElement, which … Read more