Java Collections Tutorial with Example

This Java collections tutorial is designed for beginners and experienced developers that will provide you depth knowledge of collections with example programs in simple, easy ways and step by step. The syllabus of Collections in Java with links is given below. This topic is very important for an interview purpose … Read more

Return statement in try catch finally block in Java

In the last tutorial, we learned different cases of the control flow of try catch finally block in Java with example programs. Now, two famous questions arise in the topic “try catch finally block” that  1. Can we define return statement in try block or catch block or finally block … Read more

Dynamic Method Dispatch in Java Example

In Java, Dynamic method dispatch is a technique in which object refers to superclass but at runtime, the object is constructed for subclass. i.e. It is a technique in which a superclass reference variable refers to a subclass object. It is also known as Upcasting in java. Java uses this mechanism … Read more

Superclass and Subclass in Java Example

In the previous tutorial, we learned inheritance concept in java. Basically, inheritance is a technique in which a new class can be created from the existing class.  By using inheritance concept, we can acquire all the features (members) of a class and use them in another class by relating the … Read more

Difference between Class and Interface in Java

In the previous tutorial, we have seen the differences between abstract class and interface which is one of the most popular questions in any interview. Now let’s understand the differences and comparisons between class and interface. In fact, an interface is declared using syntax very similar to that of a … Read more