Parameterization in TestNG using TestNG XML file

What is Parameterization in TestNG? Parameterization is an important feature provided by TestNG which allows the users to pass parameter values to test methods as arguments. Using this feature, developers can run the same test over and over again with different values. Parameterization test is supported by using Parameter and … Read more

How to Set Priority of Test Cases in TestNG

What is Priority in TestNG? TestNG provides one more feature priority which is used to set the order of test cases as ours need.  Basically, Priority is an attribute that tells TestNG which orders have to follow to run test method. When we have multiple test cases and want to … Read more

DataProvider in TestNG | Example, Advantage

In the previous tutorial, we have learned that there are mainly two ways through which we can directly pass parameter values to test methods. First is through testng.xml file and the second is through DataProviders. In this tutorial, we will learn the concept of data-driven testing. We will learn how … Read more

TestNG Framework Tutorial | Download, Use, Advantage

What is TestNG? TestNG, where NG stands for “Next Generation” is the next step towards writing test cases. It is an open-source automation testing framework based on JUnit (in Java) and NUnit (in C#).  It can be integrated with Selenium or any other automation tool to provide multiple features like assertions, … Read more