Margin Collapse in CSS with Example

Margin collapse in CSS is a typical behavior which collapses the top and bottom margins of neighboring elements into a single margin. It takes place when the top or bottom margin of one element comes into contact with the top or bottom margin of another element. Only vertical margins collapse … Read more

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CSS Margin with Example

Margin is CSS is a white space around the block-level elements, outside of any defined borders. It is used to create a white space outside of an HTML element, between the elements and surrounding elements, or between the top or bottom of a webpage. We can define margins at the … Read more

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CSS Padding Property with Examples

Padding in CSS is the amount of white space between the content and the border of its block element. In simple words, the space surrounding the content is called padding. CSS provides various padding properties that allow us to create a space between the content of an element and its … Read more

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Comments in CSS | Types, Example

Comments in CSS are lines of text within the CSS stylesheet that are used to explain the code. They provide extra information about the code, such as what the styles do, where they to apply, or other helpful explanations. Comments are non-executable statements that are ignored by web browsers. Therefore, … Read more

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Selectors in CSS | Types, Examples

An example of CSS selector.

Selectors are the most basic components in CSS. A selector in CSS specifies an HTML element or elements to which a CSS rule is applied. In other words, a selector simply selects the HTML element(s) you want to style. A CSS selector is a part of the statement that tells … Read more