JavaScript Date Object | Methods, Example

Date object in JavaScript is a built-in object that allows us to work with dates and times conveniently. Using Date object, we can find out the current data and time, store own dates and times, perform calculations with these dates and convert dates into strings. We can set and display … Read more

JavaScript Number Object | Methods, Example

The Number object in JavaScript is a wrapper object around a primitive numeric value. It enables you to represent any kind of numerical data, including integer or floating-point numbers. JavaScript number object follows the IEEE standard of 64-bit to represent the floating-point numbers. All numerical values are 64-bit floating-point numbers … Read more

JavaScript Math Object | Methods, Example

Math in JavaScript is a top-level, pre-defined object that has properties and methods for mathematical constants and functions. For example, Math object’s PI property contains the value of pi. The properties of Math object represent mathematical constants and its methods are mathematical functions. JavaScript Math object provides several constants and … Read more