Java HashSet | Example Program

The collections framework provides two general-purpose set implementations in Java: HashSet and TreeSet. In this tutorial, we will learn HashSet in Java with example programs in an easy way. HashSet class was introduced in Java 1.2 version and it is present in java.util.HashSet package. It internally uses HashMap to store … Read more

How to Iterate LinkedList in Java

In the last tutorial, we have discussed Java LinkedList and its various methods. In this tutorial, we will learn how to iterate LinkedList in Java. Before going on this topic, I will recommend that you first learn the basics of LinkedList in Java then come on this topic. There are … Read more

Java LinkedList Example Programs

In the previous tutorial, we have learned the basics of LinkedList in Java. If you have any doubt in LinkedList chapter, you first visit this chapter and understand basics topics in easy ways. Now, we will learn various types of Java LinkedList example programs based on all methods of linked … Read more

Java Collections Tutorial with Example

This Java collections tutorial is designed for beginners and experienced developers that will provide you depth knowledge of collections with realtime example programs in simple, easy ways and step by step. The syllabus of Collections in Java with links is given below. This topic is very important for an interview … Read more