Top 50 Computer Architecture MCQ Questions for Exams

41. Which of the following is used to hold and transfer instructions and data that are being immediately used by CPU?

a) Microprocessor
b) Registers
c) ROM chips
d) Data buses

Answer: (b), In a computer system, a register is a small set of data holding places that are part of a CPU processor. It may hold computer instructions or any kind of data.

42. Before performing arithmetic and logical operations by ALU, data must first transfer from primary memory to

a) read-only memory
b) ALU register
c) control unit
d) secondary memory

Answer: (b)

43. A unit that decodes, interprets each instruction and generates the required enable signal for ALU and other units is called

a) arithmetic unit
b) CPU
c) logical unit
d) control unit

Answer: (d)

44. A collection of wires that connects several devices or computer parts is called

a) link wire
b) bus
c) bidirectional wire
d) cable

Answer: (b)

45. A bus used to connect the monitor to CPU processor is

a) PCI bus
b) SCSI bus
c) Memory bus
d) both a and b

Answer: (b), SCSI stands for small computer system interface that is a universal parallel i/o interface to connect multiple peripheral devices of different types on a single I/O bus.

46. A group of signals used to transmit data in parallel from one part of computer to another is

a) Control bus
b) Data bus
c) Address bus
d) Network

Answer: (b)

47. Which of the following is used to connect microprocessor, memory, and other parts of computer?

a) Data bus
b) Address bus
c) Path
d) Route

Answer: (b)

48. Which of the following is a bidirectional bus?

a) Address bus
b) Data bus
c) Control bus
d) Both b and c

Answer: (b), Data bus is bidirectional as data can flow either to or from the processor. Whereas, address bus and control bus is unidirectional that propagated from processor to other connected devices.

49. An instruction cycle consists of

a) fetching, and decoding
b) decoding, and executing
c) fetching, decoding, executing, and storing
d) fetching, executing, and storing

Answer: (c), The instruction cycle (also known as machine cycle) represents the sequence of events that takes place when instruction is read from memory and executed.

50. The sequence of events that take place in the computer when it is interpreting and executing an instruction is called

a) executing cycle
b) instruction cycle
c) machine cycle
d) decoding cycle

Answer: (a)

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